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2018 Tech Resolution Tips

It is 2018 and people are setting goals. While according to, ‘Save Money’ and ‘Lose Weight’ are still the top two resolutions for 2018, people are also starting to consider that like a healthy eating balance there also needs to be a healthy tech balance. More people are setting goals such as, “Monitor Phone Use” or “Improve Cyber Security”. Great Plains Communications wants to help you succeed with some tips.


Monitor Phone Use

How often do you find yourself turning on the television to watch a show and end up missing over half of it because you were scrolling through your newsfeed or playing a game on your phone? If you are looking to cut back on the time you stare at that small screen, a first step could be to figure out how long you are currently on it. Apps such as Moment (iOS) or Quality Time™ (Android) help to not only track how long you are in specific apps but will also give you alerts when you have been on for a specific amount of time. You can customize the alerts to your goals and schedule.


Improve Cyber Security

There are many ways to improve your cyber security, but we have listed two main areas as a starting point: Password Management and Apps Management.

Manage your Passwords

Passwords are the lock and key to some of our most personal and sensitive information. Not only are we protecting financial information, but contacts and photos as well. If you are looking to better manage your passwords, work on changing them more frequently and always using unique passwords for different sites. We realize there are now passwords for everything and it becomes increasingly harder to remember all of them, especially if you change them often. Programs such as LastPass and KeePass work to remember your passwords, while also keeping them secure.

Manage your Apps

Do you have an app graveyard on your phone? Maybe you hit Candy Crush hard for a good two months then burnt out quick and haven’t played since. Or maybe you still have an app for that grocery store down the road from the apartment you lived in…three years ago. The kicker question is, have you still been keeping them updated or is that red bubble always above your App Store? You don’t use them, so why keep them updated? Well, all these things can actually leave you exposed to hackers gaining access to your information. But there is a simple solution; delete all those apps you aren’t using. Then taking it one step further and check your apps permissions for the ones you keep. For Apple users, go to Settings > Privacy and check what apps have access to things like your contacts, photos, and microphone.

The best sites to achieve your 2011 New Year’s Resolutions

In a few days, the calendar flips to a brand new year and as the clock strikes midnight, 100 million Americans are expected to take part in one of our most popular traditions: the New Year’s Resolution.  Despite the fact that 76% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned according to a 2009 British study, we can’t help but get excited about the prospect of a taking advantage of a fresh new year.  To help out, we have accumulated some of the best websites for making this year a true success.

Don’t even know where to begin this year?  Well this article from will walk you through the process step-by-step.  Suggestions are broken up into internal, external and long-term categories to make finding the right resolution as easy as possible.

What makes this site so much fun is the shared aspiration (though the funny resolutions users have submitted are pretty good too).  Type in any New Year’s goal and the site will let you know how many other people are aiming for the same thing in 2011.  You can also see what the most popular 2011 resolutions are, get advice from past resolution “achievers,” and learn tips for making this year’s resolutions stick.  As of press time, the site has received more than 30,000 resolutions.

Similar to, this site is interactive and aims to help you find others who share your goals.  However, takes it to the next level with an online community that you can reach out to for support, a personal “coach” who will keep you accountable and the ability to inspire others using the cyber version of a “kick in the pants.”  You will also have the chance to help someone else stay on top of their resolutions, which could be a resolution in itself.



Let’s be honest, most resolutions fall by the wayside before Valentine’s Day.  This website, originally developed in Britain, is designed to hassle you at unpredictable intervals.  You simply type in what you want to be “hassled” about and roughly how often you want to be “hassled” and the site will send you an e-mail push.  We recommend making your “hassle” text something  funny or memorable that will inspire you to take action.

Some Examples:

The treadmill monster needs to be fed.  Go to the gym!

Read your book, or no TV after dinner

This is you thanking yourself in advance for being more grateful this year

filler filler

Whether you decide to make a major life change, achieve a personal goal or even if you don’t believe in resolutions, Great Plains Communications hopes that you have a safe and happy new year.  We would love to hear your 2011 New Year’s Resolutions, any sites you think we missed or your past resolution successes.  Just drop us a comment!