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Jul 28

Take a Stand Against Cyberbullying

7th grade bullying project – Words Hurt, Holliston Middle School, Robert H. Adams Middle School These girls are real seventh grade students who have seen and experienced the painful effects of cyber bullying. It is not something that can be categorized as only a problem in big cities or in specific schools or communities. Cyber …

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Jun 18

Cyber Security and Summer Vacations

Summer vacations are something we all look forward to at every age. Soaking up some rays by the lake, experiencing a new place or just relaxing with the family. While the car ride used to be filled with yelling out states as you spotted them on passing license plates and the anticipation of winning I …

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May 19

Benefits of telehealth solutions for Rural Healthcare

  The adoption of telehealth solutions and the technology that drives them has had a highly positive impact on healthcare for the citizens and medical professionals of Rural America. Improved quality of care and quality of life, significant cost savings, and increased economic opportunities can all be achieved through the adoption of telehealth solutions powered …

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Mar 26

5 Social Media 101 Tips for Businesses

Networking is no longer just updating your business card and dispersing as needed. It has become more than just rubbing elbows with fellow business owners at the annual banquet and making calls to potential clients. Today’s definition of networking includes an array of virtual options that are becoming common-place in the communication mix, and we …

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Mar 12

Spring Cleaning your Computer

Has your documents folder become the junk drawer of your computer? You don’t notice until your once fleeting load time has become more of a bathroom break between tasks. Well, it’s that time of year. Open up the windows, let the fresh air in and clean out those pesky untouched programs, services and files. It’s …

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Mar 10

Troubleshooting Home Network Issues

Having problems with your Internet connection can be frustrating and confusing. After your first 12 tries at the refresh button, you restart the device. All that does is gives you a few minutes to contemplate just how frustrated you are. It still doesn’t work. Great Plains Communications wants to give you a few tips on …

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Feb 10

Help us Celebrate Safer Internet Day 2015!

Safer Internet Day (SID) started as an initiative and has grown into a landmark event. Forming in Europe, the Insafe organization has grown above and beyond its original geographic zone and now celebrates in more than 100 countries worldwide, across all continents. Striving to address an emerging online issue each year, Insafe has shed light …

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Nov 20

Mysteries of “The Cloud”?

What is “the cloud”? Most people think of it as a technological mystery, an untouchable place, a visible mass of condensed water vapor floating in the atmosphere. No matter how you visualize “the cloud” in your mind, Great Plains Communications wants to share some information on not only what it is, but what you can …

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Jul 15

Three Reasons to Use a Home Wi-Fi Connection Instead of Mobile Broadband

Many cellular companies are now in the home Internet business, but are these services really as good as a fiber-based wireless network?  The short answer is: not really.  Here are three reasons why you should choose a wireless network powered by fiber-based network over Mobile Broadband. First off, a few definitions.  A wireless (or Wi-Fi) …

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Apr 24

5 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe Online!

Recently, there has been a lot of news about Internet safety and password protection.  While it is important to be aware of large scale cyber-threats, it’s important to stay vigilant online all of the time.  Everyday risks via malware, viruses, and shared computers can also pose a risk to your privacy and online security. Fortunately, …

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