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2018 Holiday Social Giveaway

Discover the magic this holiday season with Great Plains Communications. By entering our social media giveaway, you could win an Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet.

How to Enter:

We want to make it snow on our Facebook page.

  1. Like our Facebook page
  2. Like the post titled “SOCIAL GIVEAWAY”
  3. Comment on the post with your favorite snow emoji or gif


The giving doesn’t stop there! Discover the magic of savings with our new Value Bundle and our holiday promotion. Connect all your devices with reliable high-speed Internet this season and you could receive up to a $100 bill credit.

The Value Bundle includes:

Upgraded Equipment

FREE Wireless

FREE HD Cable Channels

FREE Long Distance & Calling Features

New Internet customers can sign up for the bundle now and receive $100 bill credit and FREE installation. If you are currently a Great Plains Communications Internet customer but are looking to increase your speed to fit your family’s needs, receive a $25 bill credit when you upgrade now. Call to find out what speeds are available in your area and sign up for this great deal – 1-855-853-1483.

How to Spot a Scam While Shopping Online this Holiday

Online shopping has added convenience in many ways. We no longer have to physically search through store after store, or even worry about parking during the busy holiday rush at the mall. And can you say, “two-day shipping?” Though with this convenience comes the risk of deceit in the form of a phishing email, a cloned URL, a corrupt link or anything else the scammers come up with – and they are creative. Great Plains Communications wants to provide a few common scams to keep watch for, and tips on protecting yourself from cyber criminals this season.

Fake Website or Cloned URL

There are different ways to spot a fake site. The main thing you should look closely at is the URL. Many people are in a rush to get their holiday shopping done and pay little attention to the address bar at the top of the screen. Scammers will try to “clone” or create sites indecipherably different from the one you are looking for. For example, rather than, but when you googled it, the link title said “ Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel…” Scammers can put whatever title they want but the difference is in the small URL underneath.

Phishing Emails – Getting More Creative All the Time

One of the new scams that has been reported this holiday season is one that mimics an update shipping email from Amazon. It will say that there has been an issue in the shipping process and they need your information again – including shipping address and credit card information. Do not give your information to any company through a link in an email. If you are worried about your purchased item, such as in this example, open a new tab and type in the website’s URL and check through your account.

Public Wi-Fi

While online browsing is fine, avoid doing any online purchasing while on public Wi-Fi. Even if they have a password, hotel room numbers or the restaurant name + “public” written on the chalkboard by the door are not keeping your online activity safe. Anyone on the same public network with a computer and the right know-how could potentially view what you’re doing online and take any data that you’re sending over the network.

It is easy to get wrapped up in the convenience of online shopping and the stress of the holidays. But by simply staying alert to the dangers of scams, just as you would in the physical world, the risk of falling victim to one decreases substantially. Double-check URLs of the sites you visit, be overly cautious of emails from companies and unknown senders, don’t share or enter any personal information while on public Wi-Fi and a last tip would be to keep all software and devices updated.

Discover the Savings with our Holiday Promotion!


The holidays are here, and your wallet might already be feeling the weight of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but Great Plains Communications (GPC) wants to help you save this season. Discover the magic of our new Value Bundle and save up to 40% each month!

Value Bundle includes:

Upgraded Equipment

FREE Wireless

FREE HD Cable Channels

FREE Long Distance & Calling Features


And that’s not all! Through January 4, 2019, you have a chance to receive up to a $100 bill credit plus FREE installation!

Looking to connect your devices with reliable high-speed Internet? All new Internet customers can sign up now for the new Value Bundle and receive a $100 bill credit with free installation.

Already a GPC Internet customer but thinking a higher speed might be what your family needs this holiday? Upgrade your speed now and receive a $25 bill credit! With the addition of any single service, you will receive free installation.

Call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483 today to sign up!

Back-to-School Promotion and Social Giveaway


Education has evolved into a digital learning platform. Kids are being sent home with URLs to visit rather than books to read. And it isn’t just high school and college, but the younger grades as well. As education has evolved, homework has evolved and that is just the point Great Plains Communications wants to highlight with our Back-to-School promotion.

Sign up for high-speed Internet service and receive:

  • FREE Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa
  • FREE Month of Internet Service
  • Sign up for any new service and receive FREE Installation!


And don’t miss our social media giveaway going on this week! While we understand that tech might be replacing books, teachers are still the ones guiding our children each day. To highlight those teachers, and for a chance to win an Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet with a blue kid-proof case, follow the instructions below:

  • Like our Facebook page
  • Find and like the post including the graphic above on our Facebook page
  • Comment on the post: The name of your favorite teacher from school and why they made an impact on you

The giveaway ends Wednesday, September 26 and we will announce our two winners here on our blog Thursday, September 27.

If you have any questions over our Back-to-School promotion or would like to sign up now, please call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483.

Tech Home and the New School Year

Kids are coming home with tablets rather than school books, and that is another device to keep track of. While living in a world of technology has made it easy for us to stay connected, our lives have become a constant stream of emails and news feeds connected between multiple devices. Great Plains Communications wants to make sure you understand just where those connections are going and make sure they are all protected with our Tech Home service.

The program provides world-class security for all your devices, home and on the go, with web security and antivirus systems. Gone away is the worry of lost files when your device crashes or gets damaged. With Tech Home you will be able to sync and back up all your files, photos, contacts and additional important information. No matter where you are, or which Wi-Fi you connect to, Tech Home will have you covered with a cloud-based protection keeping your personal information secure and convenient.

With round-the-clock technicians, you will always be provided with help to setup, test, fix and enjoy your network. Up to four computers, laptops, phones or tablets are covered through Tech Home, with the low price of just $2.99 for an additional mobile device and $4.99 for an additional laptop.

With Tech Home, you’ll have the support you are looking for and the protection you need. For more information on the new product, call 1-855-853-1483 or visit our website at

Start the School Year with an Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet!

It can be tough to transition the family back into a routine when the school year rolls around. Let Great Plains Communications help this year, by making sure your kids have the tools they need to be successful. Sign up for high-speed Internet service and receive:

  • FREE Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa
  • FREE Month of Internet Service

And if you sign up for any new service, you will get FREE Installation!

High-speed Internet is imperative in today’s education of eBooks, online testing and the endless resources students are expected to have access to through the Internet. With the increasing online traffic of the upcoming school year, make sure you have the speed your family needs.

Think of your Internet connection like a highway: the more traffic that is on the road, the more congested and slow the experience becomes. Internet traffic works the same way. When multiple devices are running simultaneously, bandwidth is used up quickly, and a traffic jam can occur, resulting in buffering and lag. The more devices you are running, the more speed you will need. Not sure what speed is right? We have you covered! Take our online speed quiz, where we evaluate things such as: how many people in your household, usage habits and how many devices your family uses.

If you are currently taking advantage of our Internet service, but feel you need a higher speed, if you upgrade by October 5, 2018 you will receive a $25 bill credit!

To learn more about this promotion and what speeds we offer in your area, call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483.


*Amazon is not a sponsor of this promotion. Amazon, Alexa, Fire, and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates., Fire, and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

GPC Lab: The Internet is a Series of Tubes

“Scientist” Jeremy is back with another GPC Lab video to discuss your Internet delivery method.

As he demonstrates – speed is speed or 15 Mbps is 15 Mbps – no matter if it is delivered by coax, copper or fiber to the home. These materials are represented in the video through the pipes with the water representing your Internet. The different components are mediums used to transport Internet service to your home and though they are made of different materials, the data transfer is the same.

So now that we have established the foundation of how you are receiving your Internet service, lets talk about speed.

How do you use the Internet?

If you are a user who confines Internet usage to checking email and Facebook – running only a laptop or one desktop computer, you will be satisfied with a lower speed (10 – 15 Mbps). However, if there are several Internet activities happening in your household simultaneously such as online gaming, movie streaming, and online test-taking, you will need a much higher speed (30, 50 or 100 Mbps). As these scenarios demonstrate; the level of activity occurring in the household determines the speed needed for maximum Internet performance. Not sure what speed is right for your family? Take the Great Plains Communications speed quiz. If you have additional questions or would like to learn about what speeds we offer in your area, call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483.

Virtual Summer Giveaway Winners

Help us in congratulating our two Virtual Summer Giveaway winners, Cindy Frey of Stapleton, NE and Carrie Langer of Dodge, NE! Each were randomly selected after commenting on our Virtual Summer Facebook post, answering the question: “If I could go anywhere in the world this summer, I would take a virtual trip to _____.” Cindy commented that she would visit, “My daughter/son-in-law’s new home in Kentucky” and Carrie commented that she would take a virtual trip to Ireland. They both have won a DESTEK V4 Virtual Reality Headset with 103 degree field of view and capability with both iOS and Android phones.

The giveaway is part of our Virtual Summer promotion that is available through July 20! By using the code “Virtual Summer” on our website or when you call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483, you will receive FREE installation on any new service including high speed-Internet, Cable TV or phone service.  The social giveaway might be over, but there are still a few more days to take advantage of this great deal!

Once again, help us in congratulating Cindy and Carrie!

Last Chance for the Spring Promotion!

It is your last chance to take advantage of our spring promotion, as it is only valid through May 31! This is truly a deal you won’t want to miss. Let Great Plains Communications help you increase your speed and watch your bill drop. Read below for the multiple ways you can save this season:

  • Add or upgrade Internet and receive up to a $50 bill credit + FREE Installation
  • Sign up for Cable TV or Phone service and receive FREE Installation
  • Bundle your services to save up to 37% each month

As the need for speed continues to rise with multiplying devices in the home and bandwidth requirements from streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, make sure you are keeping up with your family’s speed needs. If you aren’t sure what that might be, take our What Speed do you Need quiz here on our website.

The clock is ticking on this great deal! If you are interested in signing up or learning more about the promotion, call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483 and one of our representatives would be happy to assist you.

Summer Internet Safety Tips for Parents

Summer break is quickly approaching and that means an abundance of free time for the children in your life. While there will be plenty of time spent outside, it is good to keep in mind some Internet safety topics to discuss with children to ensure their online experience is a positive one.

  1. Internet usage guidelines

Rather than telling them all the things they can’t do, have a conversation with your child about how long they are allowed online and what type of sites are OK or not OK. While you make the ultimate decision, show that you are listening to their opinions. Also discuss how to behave towards others when chatting, gaming, emailing, or messaging.

  1. The importance of privacy

While this depends on the age of the child, a simple rule for younger children could be that they should not give out their name, phone number or photo without a parent’s approval. Older children should be advised to be selective about what personal information they include on social networking, such as not including their address or telephone number on sites such as Facebook.

  1. Meeting online “friends”

The Internet can be a positive place for children to interact with other young people and ultimately make new friends. By discussing it ahead of time, your child is more likely to recognize if they’re talking to someone they shouldn’t be. This is a good way to keep the dialogue about Internet interaction between you and your children open.

Remember that the positive aspects of the Internet outweigh the negatives and that it is a wonderful educational and recreational resource. Let your child show you what they like to do online and discover it with them.

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