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Celebrate the 4th of July With Your Great Plains Communications’ Services!

We’re just days away from our nation’s birthday and we want to help you make the most of your Independence Day celebration.  Here are a few tips for using your Great Plains Communications services to have the best d-day bash for our great nation.

1. Soundtrack Your BBQ – Use your wireless Internet connection to play music outside during your backyard BBQ through online sites such as Spotify or Pandora.  These sites will both allow you to select patriotic music or a fun summer channel as a soundtrack for your day.

2. Watch a July 4th Marathon While Setting Up Your Fireworks – Holidays means TV marathons!  Don’t miss out on your favorite show while also enjoying your outdoor activities.  With Watch TV Everywhere, you can enjoy more than a dozen channels wherever you are.  That means, you can stream your favorite programs while also firing off bottle rockets and enjoying time with your friends and family.

3. Enjoy Fireworks in Your PJ’s – Enjoy some of America’s best fireworks displays from the comfort of your couch with your Great Plains Communications Cable.  We are pretty partial to the Boston Pops Fireworks display and Fireworks from the Capitol.  Both feature rousing music set perfectly to an outstanding display.

4. Share all of Your Best Moments –  Don’t forget, your cell phone data caps may get maxed out if you are sharing a lot of videos and photos.  Switch your data connection on your mobile devices to your Great Plains Communications wireless Internet instead to save yourself big money at the end of the month.

Brand New Channel Provides a Better Experience in McCook

Our customers in McCook can now watch their favorite NBC shows in high-definition with a super-stable network feed.

The more stable NBC HD channel, KHAS out of Hastings, is due to the use of a direct studio feed rather than an over-the-air signal.  Over-the-air signals are more likely to be affected by temperature and other weather conditions.  The new NBC HD joins direct feed high definition versions of CBS, ABC, and FOX.

We’re very excited to be able to bring all the best of NBC to our customers in the best version possible!  KHAS will air on channel 494 in McCook.  Not a McCook resident?  You can find your channel lineup right on our website!

Frequently Asked Question – Recording a Video

Have you upgraded to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR)? Don’t miss a minute of your favorite show with this helpful tutorial.

The Best New Cable Series this Fall

This year’s new shows from premium cable powerhouses such as HBO, Starz, and Showtime are packing some serious celebrity heat. From Oscar winners to TV veterans, nearly every new show is full of acclaimed actors that are sure to ratchet up the drama. Check out our picks for the best of cable’s fall series premieres.

Don’t miss out on your last chance to get your first month of Starz and Encore FREE!


After spending nearly two decades as Frasier, the uptight radio shrink, Kelsey Grammar returns to TV in a very different kind of role. In Boss, he plays Chicago’s mayor with a heavy fist and potentially career-ending secret. With a phenomenal cast that includes Connie Nielsen as his in-name-only wife, the show is guaranteed to pack an addictive dramatic punch. Boss premieres on Starz on Friday, October 21st at 10/9 c.


When an American soldier returns after being kept as a POW for eight years, he comes back as a celebrated war hero.  However, intelligence that a POW has been turned causes some to worry that his homecoming is a little too convenient.  Is this a case of luck or a clever plant?  Begin to find out on October 2ndHomeland premieres on Showtime on Sunday, October 2nd at 10/9 c.


After picking up 19 Primetime Emmy Awards this year, HBO is picking up a couple of Oscars as Academy Award winners Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte star in the channel’s new original series “Luck.”  The show centers around the world of horse racing and all of the legal and not-so-legal betting that surrounds it.  With a stellar cast and HBO’s reputation behind it, we think Luck is a sure thing. Luck premieres on HBO in early 2012.  Check your for more information.






Don’t Miss Out: Husker Weekend July 1 – 3

It’s an all Husker weekend on the Big Ten Network. Check out some of the programming highlights below!

Friday, July 1
Noon ET Big Ten Welcomes Nebraska
1pm ET 1998 Orange Bowl – Nebraska vs. Tennessee Ahman Green live chat
3pm ET It’s Crystal Clear – Nebraska 1997 National Championship
4:30pm ET 1995 Orange Bowl – Nebraska vs. Miami Tommie Frazier live chat
6:30pm ET Finished Business – Nebraska 1994 National Championship
9pm ET Decade of Dominance – 1995 Nebraska Football

Saturday, July 2
11am ET 2006 NCAA Women’s Volleyball Championship – Nebraska vs. Stanford
1pm ET It’s Crystal Clear – Nebraska 1997 National Championship
2:30pm ET 1998 Orange Bowl – Nebraska vs. Tennessee
5:30pm ET Finished Business – Nebraska 1994 National Championship
7pm ET 1995 Orange Bowl – Nebraska vs. Miami
10pm ET Reflection of Perfection: Nebraska 1995 National Championships

Sunday, July 3
12:30pm ET 2010 Football – Missouri at Nebraska
2:30pm ET Day by Day: Team of Destiny – 2005 Nebraska Baseball
5pm ET 1995 Orange Bowl – Nebraska vs. Miami
7pm ET 1998 Orange Bowl – Nebraska vs. Tennessee


*The Big Ten Network is currently not available in Grant, Imperial, Hayes Center, Palisade and Venango.  All Great Plains Communications towns with Cable Service will receive the Big Ten Network before the 2011 NCAA Collegiate Football Season begins.

How Programming Decisions Are Made

Learn about the largest rating system in the US in the video above

Recently we received a comment on our blog expressing confusion about changes the
Hallmark Channel has made to its programming.  While we love the fact that there has never been more variety and programming on TV, it can be confusing to figure out how networks choose what to put on.

The first goal of a network is to put on programs that will draw high ratings.  Ratings measure how many people are watching a particular program at a particular time.  When a network chooses programming it is traditionally done after extensive research about what the majority of its viewership wants to watch.  The more people that watch a program, the more money a network can charge for the commercials that run during the show.   Advertising accounts for more than half of the revenue a network makes each year.

Another consideration is how expensive a show is to put on TV.  Reality TV is incredibly popular with networks due to how cheaply it can be produced.  There are no huge actors’ salaries to pay and production quality is generally lower, which can cut costs considerably.  It’s not just new programming that can carry a large cost.  When older shows go into syndication, the rights to that show must be purchased and that can be surprisingly expensive.

If you do find yourself suddenly losing your favorite show or watching your go-to channel move its best programming to the same time you have to pick up the kids, there is something you can do.  You can send emails, write letters or call the network to voice your opinion.  All of that information is collected and a loud enough outcry has been known to make a difference.

Is there a show that you couldn’t live without?  Let us know in the comments section below!

New Summer Programs We Can’t Wait to Watch

There are dozens of new shows coming out this summer.  Here are our top picks!

Breaking In

Christian Slater is back in a brand-new kind of office comedy.  He leads a group of quirky geniuses who work at a security firm hired to “break-in” and expose security weaknesses before the real bad guys get there.

Airs on FOX – Wednesday 9:30/8:30 c

Premiers April 6th

Human Planet

From the makers of Planet Earth and Life, comes a six-part series about human ingenuity when dealing with some of the harshest climates on the planet.  Each episode is tied to a different climate including jungles, desserts and Arctic rivers.

Airs on Discovery – Sundays 8:00/7:00 c

Premiers April 10th

The Voice

NBC’s brand new take on the now classic singing competition.  Celebrity songsters including Christina Aguilera, Mark McGrath, and country’s Blake Shelton each star as coaches to a lucky singer.  The twist is that contestants are picked based solely on their voice.

Airs on NBC – Tuesday 9:00/8:00 c

Premieres April 26th

Falling Skies

Spielberg comes to the small screen with this alien action thriller that also marks the return of Noah Wiley (DR. Carter from ER!).  With a grittier feel than many other alien-based dramas currently on TV and Dreamworks TV producing, this looks to be one of summer’s breakout hits.  Chalk up another great series for TNT.

Airs on TNT – Sundays 9:00/8:00 c

Premiers June 19th

Finding Your Favorite Programs Using the i-Guide

Find the program you want to watch in seconds with Great Plains Communications’ “Search for Programming” tutorial. Check out the entire series here or on our YouTube channel GreatPlainsComm.

Using Your TV and Internet together

Here at Great Plains Communications, we’re used to thinking about TV and Internet together (bundle anyone?!) but it seems like Americans are beginning to think the same way.

According to Nielsen, a leading media usage and rating company, Americans now spend an average of 3.5 hours a month watching TV and using the Internet at the same time.  Nearly 60 percent of Americans now use the Internet at least once a month while watching TV.

This includes looking up the name of an actor while watching a movie or checking Wikipedia to see if the latest scientific advancement on CSI: [insert city] is real.  It can also include checking out additional content aimed at enhancing your experience during the game.

For example, while watching this year’s March Madness, you can log onto and watch highlights from past games, see exclusive content and even watch the music video for this year’s theme song.  There is even an experimental show called Bar Karma that allows viewers to submit plots, vote on episodes and determine the fate of the show.  (While the show is on a brand new channel that isn’t currently carried in most parts of the county yet, you can watch full episodes of the show here.)

Many popular shows are also working on ways to bring the television watching and Internet surfing experience together. They ask viewers to take quizzes during show breaks, post what music is playing during the episode and more.

You can now even purchase TVs that are capable of connecting directly to the Internet, allowing you to surf the web right from your TV!

What would you like to see happen next with TV and Internet integration?  Let us know below.

Searching for High-Definition (HD) Channels

As we continue to expand HD coverage in our communities across the state, we want to make sure our customers know what HD channels are available in their area.

Our “Searching for HD Channels” tutorial shows you how you can find out your HD channels right from your cable box.  Make sure you’re not missing out on your favorite channels being offered in crystal-clear HD!

For answers to more frequently asked questions, check out our other videos

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