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Grilling for Father’s Day

It’s the week before Father’s Day and Great Plains Communications is looking to the grill and Food Network to celebrate dad. Maybe your family is planning to go camping or your dad loves spending the summer evenings out back with a beer and his barbecue. Whatever the case, we found some delicious recipes from breakfast to dessert, that the family can gather around to honor dad.


Grilled Breakfast – Get Up and Get Grilling

Fried eggs to French toast skewers, don’t think grilling is just for lunch and dinner. Take breakfast or brunch outdoors before it gets too hot and enjoy these morning “outside the cereal box” recipes.


Sweet and Spicy Chili-Lime Flank Steak

The balance in this rub will have your taste buds dancing. The smokiness of the cumin pairs beautifully with the sweet robust brown sugar and is balanced by the lime. Don’t forget to cut against the grain when slicing for a tender bite of steak.


Grilled Banana Split

Finish out the day by the grill or even fire pit and let everyone create their own grilled banana split masterpiece. The banana will become caramelized from the heat of the fire, melding with the chocolate chips and finish it off with your favorite ice cream, and of course sprinkles.

Father’s Day Recipes from Food Network

Looking for the perfect gift for that special man who has been there to stick on the band aids, check under the bed, and walk you down the aisle? Father’s Day is this weekend and Great Plains Communications has found some of our favorite recipes from our cable channel, Food Network that will please dad from the inside out this holiday.

Bacon-Egg-and-Cheese-Stuffed Pancakes

Don’t be caught thinking brunch is just for Mother’s Day! Whip up some of these deliciously decadent bacon, egg, and cheese stuffed pancakes to help dad start the day off right.


Bobby Flay’s Grilled Ribeye Steak

What better way to celebrate this beautiful weather and your dad at the same time, than grilling a beautiful steak such as a ribeye. Top it with Bobby’s onion jam and blue cheese, or customize it to your family’s liking.


Alton Brown’s Pan-Fried Chicken

Another classic dish to show your love for your father and food, fried chicken. Follow Alton’s technique of seasoning the chicken before flouring for a crispy, flavorful skin without the risk of burning the spices.

Father’s Day Grilling Recipes

Do you know what you are doing for Dad this weekend? Maybe you made him something, or got him his yearly tie. How about spending the afternoon grilling in the beautiful weather and enjoying a meal around the table? Great Plains Communications has found some of our favorite grilling recipes from our cable channel, Food Network that you should keep in mind this Father’s Day weekend.

Beer-Marinated Grilled Skirt Steak


Grilled BBQ Potato Skins


Ree’s Bell-Pepper Grilled Corn


Grilled Watermelon Salad


No matter how you celebrate the day with your dad, Great Plains Communications hopes you have a safe and wonderful weekend.

Dad & Me Photo Contest Winner – Kay Kruger


Kay Kruger - "This is a picture of my dad with me and my four siblings celebrating New Years Eve. My dad has been a great role model and supporter. He has a great sense of humor - our toast was probably something like "Here's mud in your eye!"

Congratulations to Kay Kruger of Gordon, NE on winning Great Plains Communications’ 2015 Dad & Me Photo Contest, receiving a $250 Visa gift card! In dedicating her entry to her father, Kay wrote:

“This is a picture of my dad with me and my four siblings celebrating New Year’s Eve. My dad has been a great role model and supporter. He has a great sense of humor – our toast was probably something like ‘Here’s mud in your eye!”

We would also like to thank everyone who entered the contest, as we feel all the fathers deserve recognition. Here is a slideshow of the entries with their dedications. Please help us in congratulating Kay and acknowledging all of the wonderful fathers.

Wendy Wieseler

"My dad is my hero he was deployed when I was 4 weeks old and was gone for 13 months I got to help my dad put up the flag at a high school football game in Crofton. Love Jazzmyn"

Joni Johnson

"This is a picture of my husband, Troy and his mini me, Trent. What Troy did, Trent did!"

Charlynn Hamilton

"It was my wedding day in 1981, my mother had had a stroke in 1977 so dad and I planned some of the wedding! Lots of wonderful memories! He loved to be around people and do what he could for them, a trait he taught me! My father passed in 1997 from cancer. I took him to many doctor appointments. He was my rock! Taught me so many great things especially to have faith in God and to love others! I miss him so much everyday!"

Megan Nelson

"My little guy had had enough. he was tired, grumpy, and didn't want to be in a shopping cart! His Daddy was very sympathetic to his situation and was not above looking silly for the sake of his baby boy. I sure do love that man."

Jordan Rishel

"I am, and always have been, a Daddy's Girl. This just shows that we have been close since the beginning :)"

Erin Eickhoff

"My Dad is Mark Stottler and worked for Great Plains Communications for 33 years. He passed away this past Augustand this is our first Father's Day without him. This picture was taken at the golf course in Tekamah, NE. He loved golfing, fishing and hunting. My brother and I miss him very much."

Mark is truly missed at Great Plains Communications.

Molly Bossman

"This was a picture we took on my last day of high school. There's a lot of things that I'm going to miss about high school, but I think seeing my dad everyday will be the thing I miss the most. He's always been there for me and encouraged me to do my best in everything that I did. He's been my rock, my counselor, and more importantly, my friend. We don't always get along, but I know it's because he always want to protect me and keep me safe. Dad, I may be graduating and moving on to bigger and better things, but I will forever and always be your little girl."

Tim Strand

"A picture of me and my dad (along with our wives) on my wedding day. Dad has been there a lot through my life but this was a very special day.

Kathy Olson

"Always my dad's little girl! Love and miss him so much!!"

Justin Meyer

"I'm pretty much in call 24/7 so I'm gone a lot for work but when I'm home me and my kiddos love to spend our time on the river fishing. Two of the best fishing buddies you can find!"

Camie Cox

"Coaching her in basketball and life!!"

Ciera Tweedy

"This is my daddy and I when I was about 9 months old. He was my hero a hard working principal, coach, fireman and emt. He dedicated his life each and every day to helping others and asking nothing in return. 6 years ago I lost him to a massive heart attack but he has been my gaurding angel watching over me as I found out of my serious heart condition. This picture reminds me of the peace and love I found being with him as he watched over me."

Karla Bossman

"Since I lost my dad 8 1/2 years ago, I really miss his hugs and this picture reminds me of how much he loved me."

Jerra Rempe

"Me and my dad "shaving" when I was 5."

Kelsey Shrum

"This was the little man's first airplane ride. Daddy made sure he was comfortable the whole flight! He is daddy's little superman!!"

Reann Ford Risor

"My dad had a stroke when I was in high school and spent 7 years in a nursing home. By the time my wedding came, he could barely walk but was able to stand and dance an entire dance with me at my wedding. I swear time had stopped. My father died 7 months later but it is a time I will always remember and cherish!"

Jennifer Peterson

"Jason & Ally"

Dad & Me Photo Contest

What is a Dad?

He’s a…

Provider, a teacher a protector from danger

He cuddles and tickles

He’s obsessed with dill pickles

He’s a storybook reader, a role model and leader

He’s Dad

And through it all, I know he’ll always be there

Father’s Day is almost here, and Great Plains Communications (GPC) wants to dedicate this week to all the dads in our communities by providing an opportunity to win a $250 Visa gift card. To qualify for entry in the Dad & Me Photo Contest, you must be a GPC customer, age 19 or older and submit the following in the entry form below:

  • A picture of you and Dad
  • A caption of what makes the memory special
  • Your first and last name
  • A current email to contact you in case you are the lucky winner

You have until June 19 at 8:00 pm to enter, and the winner will be announced on all GPC social sites Monday, June 22. A father holds a special place in one’s heart, no matter if he is in the house next door, across the country or watching over from above. We would like to wish everyone a wonderful Father’s Day!



We Make It Easy This Father’s Day!

Don’t miss out on getting the perfect gift for your favorite dad this Father’s Day.   We invite you to get your dad or grandpa the gift of an easy wireless Internet connection. At Great Plains Communications – We make it easy! He can enjoy wireless Internet with full service setup of Internet connections and wireless routers. To find out even more watch the video above and visit