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Back-to-School Promotion and Social Giveaway


Education has evolved into a digital learning platform. Kids are being sent home with URLs to visit rather than books to read. And it isn’t just high school and college, but the younger grades as well. As education has evolved, homework has evolved and that is just the point Great Plains Communications wants to highlight with our Back-to-School promotion.

Sign up for high-speed Internet service and receive:

  • FREE Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa
  • FREE Month of Internet Service
  • Sign up for any new service and receive FREE Installation!


And don’t miss our social media giveaway going on this week! While we understand that tech might be replacing books, teachers are still the ones guiding our children each day. To highlight those teachers, and for a chance to win an Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet with a blue kid-proof case, follow the instructions below:

  • Like our Facebook page
  • Find and like the post including the graphic above on our Facebook page
  • Comment on the post: The name of your favorite teacher from school and why they made an impact on you

The giveaway ends Wednesday, September 26 and we will announce our two winners here on our blog Thursday, September 27.

If you have any questions over our Back-to-School promotion or would like to sign up now, please call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483.

Don’t Miss the Scholarship Deadline!

Christmas vacation came to an end and seniors have started the countdown to graduation as it slowly comes into focus. Time is ticking down not only on their secondary education but on the opportunity to apply for the Great Plains Communications scholarships. Continuing education will bring new experiences, exciting information and higher expenses. No matter if it is a big university or a two year program at a tech school, the price of college continues to rise. Great Plains Communications wants to help with the burden of those glaring numbers by offering scholarships to young people of the Nebraska communities we are proud to serve.

Don’t miss out on the chance to see yourself or your student succeed. Find more information and a full listing of our scholarship opportunities at or call the Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483. The deadline will be here in less than a month, so be sure to get your application in.

If you have received a scholarship from Great Plains Communications we would love to hear from you! Let us know how it made a difference in the comment section on our Facebook page.

Back to School Throwback

The Internet has not only become an essential tool at home and work, but in schools as well. Great Plains Communications has some exciting Back-to-School promotions, but first we would like to throw it back to what college was like before Wi-Fi, online classes and having the web at our finger tips.


There was no such thing as online registration. You had a slip of paper with your desired classes and stood in line at the registrar’s office. While waiting in that line, you could think about the line you had to wait in later when getting your books.


Before tablets and laptops, taking notes meant throwing penmanship out the door and writing as fast as you could. You got a hand cramp? That was just part of it; no pain, no gain.



Do you have a question on an assignment? Professors didn’t send out weekly emails or assign online chats. You either tried to catch them in the classroom or signed up for office hours.


When a computer was needed for an assignment, there were no personal laptops to work in your dorm or wherever was comfortable. There was a sign-up list for the computer lab to write papers and use the printer.



Before eBooks and online searching, looking up a book in the library took time and patience with the Dewey Decimal System and many, many card catalogs.


It is fun to think back to how things used to be, but kids today are growing up in a very different world. Internet is not a luxury in college anymore, it is a necessity. From checking grades to having a class only offered online, Great Plains Communications understands the need for fast and reliable Internet service. Monday, August 10, Great Plains Communications starts Back-to-School promotions on high-speed Internet that you won’t want to miss. To find out what is being offered in your community, call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483 and a representative would be happy to assist you.

Help National Honor Society Students Shine on GPC-TV

As the school year is coming to a close, Great Plains Communications wants to take a moment to honor the academic achievements of the students in our community high schools. We understand the hard work and dedication these students have put forth in reaching their goals, as May approaches. To show our respect and honor, we will be featuring the students who have achieved membership into the National Honor Society on our local channel, GPC-TV. The acknowledgement will be in the form of a slideshow with student names, images and High School names.

If you have a special student in your life who has become part of NHS, fill out the information and upload a picture at by March 31st. From there, all you have to do is watch for your entry on GPC-TV and know we are just as proud of them.

We encourage you to inform your NHS students about our recognition slideshow, and spread the word to other proud parents.

Check Out Our Grants and Scholarships!

May will be here before we know it, which means graduation for another eager group of high school seniors. Continuing their education will bring new experiences, exciting information and expenses. No matter if they go to a big University or a two year program at a Tech School, the price of college continues to rise. Great Plains Communications wants to help with the burden of those glaring numbers by offering some Grants and Scholarships. Our scholarship program has allowed students to attend schools across the state, majoring in agriculture, law, engineering and much more.

Don’t miss out on the chance to see yourself, your student or your school succeed. Find more information and a full listing of our Grants and Scholarships on our web page or call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483. The deadlines are coming up quick, so be sure to get your application in.

If you have received a scholarship from Great Plains Communications and are currently in school, we would love to hear from you! If your school has received a grant, let us know how it made a difference in the comment section below.

Meet Our Teacher of the Year!

Educator Marla Prusa is the newest recipient of our prestigious Teacher of the Year award.

Prusa is a teacher at Howells-Dodge Consolidated Schools.  She has been in the education field for more than 30 years.  She is a member of countless organizations including Nebraska State Business Association and the Family and Consumer Science Teachers of Nebraska Association.

This oft awarded teacher has been recognized as the Nebraska Home Economics Teacher of the Year an impressive 5 times.  She has also accepted the FCCLA Master Advisor Award and the National Home Baking Association Educator Award.

At school, she serves as the Senior Year sponsor, the yearbook advisor, and she runs the clock at the school’s sporting events.  She is part of the schools crisis team and works on the AdvanceEd Team.  Outside of school, she is a member of the American Legion , the 4-H Club, and the Council of Catholic Women.

Pursa was honored at an all-school assembly.  We have honored excellent educators for more than a decade as part of its “Commitment to Our Schools” program, which provides thousands of dollars to support schools in its communities each year.

Grant Spotlight: St. Boniface

Meet another one of our amazing grant winners. St. Boniface has received $4,750 for a new iPad mini lab to help better customize student learning.

The grant will help the school to purchase 20 iPad minis, cases and a mobile iPad mini charger. The school will use the iPads to develop students’ artistic skills including editing video and audio, crafting digital stories, and altering images.  The iPads will also assist with reading comprehension, conducting research, and listening to audio books.  If you are looking for some great apps for your own tablet, here are 15  iPad apps that can help with student creativity.

This was one of four Great Plains Communications’ grants provided as part of its “Commitment to Our Schools” program.  Don’t forget to start thinking about your school’s great idea for next year!

Grant Spotlight: Chadron Elementary!

We’re once again spotlighting our annual grant winners and today we’re featuring Chadron Elementary School who won $5,000 for a brand new iPad lab!

The grant will allow the school to purchase six iPads, a Mac Book Pro, and various learning applications.  Multiple studies have shown that using tablets in the classroom significantly benefits students’ academic achievement.  The iPads will allow students to interact with material and individual apps can help students target unique learning needs.

The grant was awarded as part of our “Commitment to Our Schools” program.  The program has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to schools for a wide range of projects including aquaponics labs, student-run businesses, and theater renovations.  We are very proud to add Chadron Elementary to the list!

Get Your School Project Rolling!

Does your school have an amazing idea but lacks the funds to make it happen?  Then you need to apply for a Great Plains Communications grant!  Each year, we give up to $20,000 in grants to schools throughout the communities that we serve. The grant can be used for nearly any project as long as it improves learning.

Past awards have varied from arts projects, to hard science initiatives, to language programs.  Our grants have funded two student-run businesses that have executed state and nationwide projects!  We have helped a school to bring their theater back to its former glory and have funded an aquaponics lab.  Several schools have used the funds to increase technology by building iPad labs and adding Smartboards in the classroom.

There are only about six more weeks until the program stops taking applications (March 1st), so get started now!   You can download the application and find out more on our website.  To view other projects, click here.

Scholarships Season is Here!

School is back in session and for many teens, it’s the final semester of high school! While that final semester of high school can be exciting, it can also be a little nerve wracking as the cost of college taunts. Fortunately, there is help for high school seniors in our communities!

Due to increased awareness and opportunity, more rural students than ever are attending higher education institutions. It’s a trend that we couldn’t be more proud of and one that we actively support.  For example, we help provide reduced cost phone and Internet services to a range of educational institutions.  This has allowed students to take college-level courses online and get better prepared for college curriculum.  Of course, we also provide direct financial support for students.

Every year, Great Plains Communications provides up to $10,0000 in scholarships to students across the state.  These scholarships range from support for technical schools all the way to traditional four-year universities.  Each scholarship provides $1,000 in support for a student.

A sponsoring parent or legal guardian must be a Great Plains Communications customers for a student to be eligible.  The applicant must have a desire to return to their hometown or another Great Plains Communications community after they graduate.  We are big believers in strengthening small town Nebraska! For further regulations and the scholarship application can be found on our scholarships page.

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