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Join Our Team!

Ready to reach your full potential? Join the Great Plains Communications team. We employ over 240 people across Nebraska, with half of our employees living and working in the towns where we provide service. Our employees proudly represent our commitment to providing homes and businesses with fast, reliable, and scalable technology solutions.

We aim to hire candidates who are not only qualified but have the drive to succeed within our strong organizational culture. In keeping with our mission of customer satisfaction, all jobs carry an overriding responsibility of superior customer service in terms of quality, timeliness, and assistance.

To check what positions we currently have open, visit our careers page at

Congratulations to Our Q3 Customer Survey Winners!

Amy Fiedler of Bloomfield, NE receives her $100 Visa gift card for completing the Great Plains Communications Q3 Customer Survey.

Amy Fiedler of Bloomfield, NE receives her $100 Visa gift card for completing the Great Plains Communications Q3 Customer Survey.

Say congratulations to our quarterly survey winners, Amy Fiedler of Bloomfield, NE, Ashley Vontz of McCook, NE, and Joyce Bottorf of Petersburg, NE!

The survey provides feedback on how customers feel about Great Plains Communications products and services, as well as how our products benefit the lives of our customers. This information is helpful to track how technology is advancing the communities we serve and provides information to help strengthen our business as a whole.

Broadband Technician, Adam Simpson presents Ashley Vontz of McCook, NE with her $100 Visa gift card.

Broadband Technician, Adam Simpson presents Ashley Vontz of McCook, NE with her $100 Visa gift card.

We are always eager to get better insights from our customers and we know having as many responses as possible helps with this goal. We also understand that our survey takes time, so we created a coinciding drawing to thank you for participating. As you can see in the pictures, our winners, Amy, Ashley, and Joyce received $100 gift cards.

Joyce Bottorf of Petersburg, NE receives her $100 Visa gift card for completing the Great Plains Communications Q3 Customer Survey.

Joyce Bottorf of Petersburg, NE receives her $100 Visa gift card for completing the Great Plains Communications Q3 Customer Survey.

We always want to hear unbiased feedback, so it doesn’t matter how someone rates us, it just matters that they complete the survey. Every customer will be reached within a calendar year, so be on the lookout for your chance to win a great prize!

PCI Compliance – Changes to Bill Pay Options

In accordance with new PCI Compliance regulations and to further ensure the security of customer financial information, beginning on August 3, 2015, Great Plains Communications has implemented a secure payment portal that must be used to make phone payments. The following video tutorial shows the process of setting up a secure portal account. Please follow the prompts below to set up a pin number and enter payment information.

To pay your bill, check your account status, or to set up automatic bill payments, please start by dialing 1-888-343-8014 and select Option 2.

Be sure to have your account and PIN numbers available. Your PIN number is a unique identifier which is required to access your account through our secure payment portal. It can be found on the front of your statement, as seen in the video, and will be printed after August 5, 2015. If you have trouble locating your PIN number or have any questions over the new changes, please contact the Great Plains Communications Customer Response Center at 1-888-343-8014, Option 3 and we will be happy to assist you.

Troubleshooting Home Network Issues

Having problems with your Internet connection can be frustrating and confusing. After your first 12 tries at the refresh button, you restart the device. All that does is gives you a few minutes to contemplate just how frustrated you are. It still doesn’t work. Great Plains Communications wants to give you a few tips on how to troubleshoot the problem to either solve the issue, or provide you with helpful information for tech support in assisting you further.

First off, what are you having an issue with?


When having problems with your email, ask yourself the following questions before panicking and continuously hitting resend.

–          Did you go over your quota in your mailbox?

–          Is it not sending to a certain email or to all email accounts?

–          If you send group emails, are you getting an error stating you sent too much mail? If so, are you registered for mass email agreement with Great Plains Communications?

Modem & Router

If you don’t have an Internet connection reaching any of your devices, it might be your modem that is causing the problem. Your modem is what allows data to travel over a phone line from your device to the Internet. The router then connects all other devices to the modem. So if the only problem seems to be the connection to your tablet or laptop, the issue is more likely in the router.

–          Is your ADSL or DSL light flashing? This means the modem is not connected.

–          Is there a red Internet light on? This means your DSL modem is not getting an IP to connect.

–          Is your Ethernet light on or off? This will determine if the connected device is online.

Specific Website

If you are having problems with a specific website that will not load or is continuously giving you an error, the first step you could take is entering the link into “Down For Everyone Or Just For Me.” This site will help you determine if the problem is with your device. If it comes back that the problem is with your device, there are numerous things it could be, from something in your computer stopping the stream of data reaching the Internet to really anything along the way.

These are just three of the many common problems users may experience with their home networks. If troubleshooting the problem on your own does not work, follow these last few steps in contacting our tech support and they will be happy to help you.

–          Make sure you have your account number ready.

–          Be sure to be in front of your computer, to enable you to walk through tech suggestions step by step.

–          Expect to be on the phone for a minimum of 20 minutes, as it can take some time for a tech to pinpoint the exact issue.

–          Have all your findings from doing your own troubleshooting ready.

–          Call 1-855-853-1483, Option 1

More Than 100 Years of Hometown Customer Service

For more than 100 years, Great Plains Communications has delivered outstanding, hometown service. You’ve met our wonderful technicians who live and work in the communities they serve. Now it’s time to meet our Customer Response Representatives in our brand new video series!

Treating Every Customer Like Family 

 Providing the Best, Hometown Service

Do You Know Doug?

Doug Envelodsen
We talk a lot about how all of our techs live and work in the towns that they serve.  Now we’re taking the time to spotlight these wonderful employees who help their communities in and out of the office.

We’re kicking it off with one of Great Plains Communications longest employees.   Few people can brag that their Cable, Internet and Phone technician have more than a decade of experience.  Doug has worked for Great Plains Communications for more than 35 years and currently works in Wolbach.  In that time, Doug has seen technology bloom from basic Cable and Phone lines to wireless Internet. Throughout it all, his commitment to learning new skills has made him one of GPC’s finest.

So if you are in Doug’s neck of the woods, we encourage you to say, hi! Better yet, we encourage you to share your best Doug story with us by entering our Great Tech Video Contest.

With Great Plains Communications you know you’re getting the best service possible every time!  That’s the beauty of doing business with a family-owned, Nebraska-owned company. Check in next week as we continue to spotlight techs from around the state!

Great Tech Contest is Here!

If you were a fan of our “do the BUNDLE” contest, then you will love our new Great Tech contest! We’re giving you the chance to earn prizes just by sharing your customer service stories of when a Great Plains Communications technician went above and beyond.

You can find full contest rules at  You can also check out a sample video here.

We hear from our customers all the time about how much they love our techicinas who live and work in the communities they serve.  We can’t wait to see the videos that share just why they love their techs.

Why Customer Service is One of Our Highest Priorities

According to our annual surveys and numerous feedback systems, our customers value the truly superior customer service they receive from us.  We couldn’t be more proud that our customers consistently rank our local technicians and Customer Representatives as helpful, kind, prompt and knowledgeable.

We do our best to live up to the standards our customers expect.  For example, did you know our Customer Response Center has some of the lowest wait times in the nation for a telecommunications company?  Much of the time, there is no wait at all.  That’s because we understand when you have a question, you want an answer as soon as possible.

We also understand when you have a service issue, you want it fixed as soon as possible, as well.  That’s the reason we have technicians who live and work in the communities we serve.  These local technicians are just minutes away, not hours or days like many national companies.

Over the past several years, we have devoted significant time and resources into making sure that we provide the best customer service possible.  This includes intensive training, a new intranet for faster communication and an even better survey system to gauge customer opinion.

If you would like to let us know about a wonderful customer service experience you received from one of our representatives or technicians, add it to the comments section below!

It’s All About the Customer Service (Reps)

We want to take a moment to reflect on the focus we put on customer service at Great Plains Communications.

So, today we’re talking about our Customer Response Center (CRC) reps. If you have ever called our Customer Response Center, then you know that unlike a lot of cable companies you aren’t stuck waiting forever to talk to someone.   Our reps also have extremely high marks on our annual survey, which reaches all of our customers throughout the year.  In fact, nearly all of our customers find them to be polite, helpful and quick!

Our CRC reps are also some of our most lively employees and make holidays a blast.  If you don’t believe us, check out the pics from Halloween last year. It’s almost all CRC reps!

We hope that when you do find the need to call us that it’s a positive experience and we would love to hear your stories of how our reps made your day better.  Let us know in the comments section below.


Rewarding Commitment to Service

Doug was honored for 35 years of service!

Here at Great Plains Communications, we are very proud of how long so many of our employees choose to stay with us.  Recently we celebrated the milestones of 14 of our employees who have provided a combined 220 years of service to us and our communities.

The awards were handed out at the regional meeting, which was attended by approximately 150 employees, in Broken Bow.

Two recipients, who serve Gordon, received awards for their service totaling 15 years.  Keith Wellnitz and Eric Halverson were recognized for five and 10 years of service respectively.

Five employees from Bloomfield and the surrounding area received service awards for a combined 55 years of committed service. Scott Doerr of Wausa and Jon Augustin from Crofton were both recognized for 5 years of service.  Bloomfield resident Steve True and Osmond resident Patrick Palu were awarded for their 10 and 20 years of service respectively.  Tony Scudder of Ponca was honored for 15 years.

The Custer County area also had five employees who were awarded for a combined 95 years of committed service. Three Callaway residents, Aaron Brennan, Corby Leeper, and Bill Holt were recognized for 10, 10, and 30 years of service respectively.  Mitch Geiser of Arnold was awarded for 25 years of service.  Dan Stubert of Sutherland was honored for 20 years of service.

Trenton resident Bill Neely has been awarded for his 20 years of service and Wolbach resident Doug Enevoldsen has been awarded for his 35 years of service.

Our Director of Operations agrees, “We’ve been very fortunate to have such longevity with our employees not only because of employee loyalty, but also because of their commitment to the communities that they serve.  Having employees who are part of our communities for such a long time allows for really strong connections to be made.”

Do you have a story about one of our award winners?  We would love to hear about it in the comments section below!

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