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Huskers Throwback Thursday

It was November 27, 1890 and Nebraska state university had just defeated a team representing the Omaha YMCA. With a 35-minute first half and 43-minute second half, Nebraska’s football tradition began. As our team prepares for their game against Illinois this Saturday, Great Plains Communications would like to do a throwback to where it all started.

With their first official coach hired in 1893, it wasn’t until 1891 that Nebraska played a team from outside the state. We took a loss of 22-0 to Iowa. It was our first victory to an out-of-state opponent that brings us to our throwback, as we found a win against Illinois at Lincoln in 1892, scoring 6-0.

Picture provided by

Picture provided by

The two teams will once again meet in Lincoln, NE on Saturday, and as the game has adapted and grown since 1891, so has Husker Nation. You can watch all the action this Saturday, October 1 at 2:30PM CT on ESPN2. GO BIG RED!


Babcock, By Mike. “History of Nebraska Football.” NU Athletic Communications, 04 June 2015. Web. 29 Sept. 2016.

It’s Husker Football Season!

The countdown is ticking by on the Big Ten Network’s website. We are only hours away from the season we have all been waiting for; football season. It’s a time full of pride filled colors, tailgating and friendly competition. Husker Nation will stand strong this Saturday, September 5 to watch the Huskers take on Brigham Young University at 2:30 PM on ABC. It’s a new year and a fresh team. Great Plains Communications is excited to see what this year has to bring for the Huskers and we hope everyone enjoys the game this weekend.

If you have any questions over your Great Plains Communications services as you are gearing up for the game, please call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483 and a representative would be happy to assist you. In recognition of the holiday, Great Plains Communications will be closed Monday, September 7. For emergency service outages, you may call 1-888-343-8014, Option 1.

Go Big Red!

BTN Bringing you the Spring Game this Saturday

If you aren’t planning on being in Memorial Stadium this Saturday, don’t worry about missing the big Husker spring game. You can still catch every minute of the action with BTN and BTN2GO. The game will be televised on BTN at 1pm CT this Saturday, April 11, and don’t forget about streaming the game on your tablet or phone through BTN2GO. If you aren’t currently taking advantage of BTN2GO, don’t worry, there is still time to sign-up before Saturday! All you have to do is sign-up with Great Plains Communications‘ partner Watch TV Everywhere, which provides a mobile viewing experience for more than 2 dozen channels.

To sign-up for Watch TV Everywhere, you will need the name of the account holder and your account number. Both can be found on your monthly statement or your eBill account.

If you have any questions about signing up, call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483. What is your favorite part of football season? Let us know in the comment section below!

BTN2Go Will Have You Good to GO BIG RED!

Imagine sitting in the passenger’s seat with five hours left before your road trip finally concludes. You remember the Huskers kick off in 30 minutes and instantly that mocking road in front of you makes you feel even worse. Your cell phone vibrates. It’s your friend texting you from the game. Seriously? But wait, you remember that the game is being aired on the Big Ten Network (BTN) and with the BTN, comes BTN2Go! By going to and entering your cable provider credentials, you are good to GO BIG RED!

BTN2Go is a way to take the Huskers with you wherever you go. It allows you access to everything the BTN has to offer through your computer, tablet, and mobile device. All of this is possible, because of Great Plains Communications’ partnership with WatchTVEverywhere, as they provide you the tools to give you all the awesome perks of BTN2Go. If there are two games airing on BTN, you will be able to choose which game you would like to watch and if one game goes into overtime, BTN2Go gives you the privilege of choosing to continue watching or switch to the starting game.

Another option available is the BTN Plus. While on BTN2Go, you might come across something with a small lock on it. This indicates that it is only offered to BTN Plus subscribers. Although it is not included in your BTN package, you can find more subscription information on BTN2Go.

This Saturday, the Huskers will be taking on the Fighting Illini of Illinois at 8:00 p.m. CT and you bet it will be aired on the BTN! So if you have a trip planned, or you just know you won’t be in front of your television, don’t you worry. Also, if you still haven’t signed up for WatchTVEverywere that’s okay, all you will need is the name and number on the account and to click here to get it done. With BTN2Go, you are always prepared and ready to GO BIG RED!

Get BTN2GO Free (Just another perk of Great Plains Communications Cable)

In our last post we talked about the perks of the Big Ten Network (especially when viewed in crystal clear HD).  Now we’re looking at BTN2GO? If you haven’t signed up for this FREE offering then you are missing out on exclusive access to Husker football wherever you go!

BTN2GO allows you to stream BTN programming live from your laptop, Smartphone or tablet wherever you have access to a data connection. From live games to insider extras, you can get the best of the Big Ten anytime, anywhere. Even if you are working in your garage or barbequing in the backyard, you can still get Big Ten coverage over your home Wi-Fi connection.

It doesn’t stop at your front door, either. Unlike many other “on-the-go” options, WatchTVEverywhere doesn’t restrict you to your home network or stop you from watching live TV.  It doesn’t matter if you are sitting in an airport or your living room, the access is the same.

Signing up is easy!  Our partners at WatchTVEverywhere allow you to have one sign in for access to nearly two dozen channels.  What’s even better, is that access is free to our Cable Subscribers.  It’s the ultimate viewing bonus!  To register, you will need your account number and the name associated with the account.  You can set it up, by clicking here.

For a full list of channels available for live streaming with WatchTVEverwhere, see the table below. Availability may vary by area.

Fox News Golf History History 2 Lifetime
MSNBC NBC News NBC Sports Oxygen Sprout
Style Syfy USA More to Come!

2013 BTN Husker Action! Go Big Red.

Big Ten Football Preview: Nebraska

Airing Saturday, August 24th on BTN at 7pm CT

The Big Ten is finally ready to “Go Big Red.”  Get the first in-depth look at the 2013 Huskers in the Big Ten Football Preview of Nebraska.  The program will feature new interviews with key players and coaches, analysis by the Big Ten crew and unseen practice footage.  It’s followed up by the record-setting 2011 comeback against Ohio State!


Nebraska vs. Wyoming

Airing Saturday, August 31st on BTN at 7 pm CT

Nebraska vs. Southern Miss

Airing Saturday, September 7th on BTN at 5 pm CT

As any Husker fan knows, one of the biggest perks of the Big Ten is the access to non-conference games without expensive Pay-Per-View fees.  This year, the first two games of the season will be aired exclusively on the Big Ten Network.   Great Plains Communications offers BTNHD in many of our communities.  Find out if it is available in your area here. Nebraska Page

Airing 24/7

While the Big Ten Network is where the main action is at, features its own share of killer content.  Today, for example, you can catch a new interview with Ameer Abdullah, Ciante Evans, or Jason Ankrah!  Plus you can find out when Husker programming will be on the Big Ten Network, read Husker specific analysis and the chance to connect with other fans.

Check Out All the Action Around the Big Ten Championship!

It’s the middle of the holiday season and what better gift could Husker Nation ask for this year than watching our team play in the Big Ten conference championship.  Perhaps if the game received the premier TV slot.  Well, the Huskers will have that, too.  The Big Ten Championship will air Saturday on FOX at 7:00 PM CT.

The game itself is just part of the Big Red action this weekend.  Don’t miss out on all of the great Big Ten programming before the game even starts.

Big Ten Football Report Championship Preview – Friday at 6:00 PM CT on BTN

Get the full breakdown of both teams from Big Ten experts.  Viewers will also get a chance to see behind-the-scenes coverage of the game preparations and exclusive interviews.

BTN Game Day Coverage – Throughout Saturday on BTN

Starting at 10:00 AM CT, #BTNLIVE will be simulcasting the Big Ten Network Radio Show live from Fan Fest in Indianapolis.   The same team of sportscasters will then kick-off pre-game coverage at 5:30 PM before sending it over to FOX for the official pre-game show.

Official Pre-Game Show – Saturday, 6:30 PM CT, right before the game on FOX

Get a final look at the Wisconsin Badgers and odds-favorite Nebraska Huskers right before the game kicks off.  The FOX pre-game crew will include Erin Andrews, Eddie George and Joey Harrington.

TV We’re Thankful for this Thanksgiving Season

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 

Wednesday 21, 2012 at 9/8c on ABC

Are you looking for the perfect family-pleasing holiday show to watch this Thanksgiving season? Charlie Brown is a must watch for every holiday this time of year.  Besides, who doesn’t love a beagle in a pilgrim suit?  

Macy’s Day Parade

Thursday 22, 2012 at 9/8c AM on NBC

This annual parade is arguably the true start of the holiday season.  With previews from the newest Broadway shows to marching bands from around the country and, of course, the Rockettes, the parade would get the Grinch into the holiday season!


Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Iowa Hawkeyes

Friday 23, 2012 at 12/11c AM on ABC

The Huskers will clinch their berth to the Big 10 championship game with a win against Iowa.  Is there really a better way to end Thanksgiving week than by watching the Huskers win?

BTN2Go is here for Great Plains Communications Cable Customers!

Due to our partnership with Watch TV Everywhere, which helped us bring 3,000 hours of extra Olympics coverage to our customers, we are now able to provide BTN2Go.

BTN2Go provides hours of extra programming and live coverage of games featuring your favorite Big Ten teams.  You can catch all the action anytime, anywhere on BTN2Go on your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.  Plus, BTN2Go is absolutely free to our eligible Cable Subscribers.

Signing up is easy; just visit the Great Plains Communications’ Watch TV Everywhere page by clicking here.  You’ll need your account information to sign up, which can be found on your current bill or by logging onto eBill.

You do need to be a Cable subscriber, who has BTN as part of your Cable package, to enjoy the benefits of BTN2Go.  If you aren’t a Cable customer with BTN yet, it’s time to call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483!

Are you excited about the addition of BTN2Go?  Let us know in the comments section below.

How the Big Ten Network Airs Husker Programming

We finally got the word! The first two Husker games will be aired on the Big Ten Network!  You can find out what channel the Big Ten Network and BTN HD air on in your area here.

Since we’re talking about the Big Ten Network; we have received several questions about how the Big Ten Network chooses what games to play and how its regional coverage works.

While the Big Ten Network is a national network, it is separated into regional channels.  This way each regional channel can air games featuring the teams that are located within that particular region.  For example, Nebraska and Iowa residents will normally see Husker and Hawkeye games instead of Ohio St. games.  It allows them to air the most relevant games to the highest number of fans.

The Big Ten Conference, which owns the BTN, also has deals with several other national networks including ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 and CBS.  These networks will select what Big Ten games they would like to air nationally.  When a game is aired on one of these networks, it will NOT be on the Big Ten Network since networks prefer exclusivity.

No matter what, you are still going to see a lot more Husker football than in years past.   In the 2008 football season 86 out of 88 Big 10 football games were nationally televised, according to the Big 10 Network website.  The Big XII only had approximately 70 percent of their games televised nationally.

We’ve also made it easier than ever for Great Plains Communications Cable Service customers to find out where and when the Huskers are playing.  Visit to find out where each Husker game is airing in our communities.