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Back-to-School Ideas by Food Network & HGTV

One box of colored pencils

Two pink bevel erasers

Four boxes of crayons

Eight glue sticks

These are just a few of the supplies on the list sent home with your kids as they start school. This time of the year is full of new routines and many new things. Great Plains Communications has teamed up with a couple of our cable television channels, the Food Network and HGTV, to bring you a few creative ideas on things like school lunches and organizers for all the new art supplies.


Giada’s School Lunch Ideas


Back-to-School Supply and Craft Storage with Dan Faires


We haven’t forgotten about the college students! Moving into a dorm room can be exciting and a little scary. With this video by HGTV, it could also be beautiful.

3 Totally Removable Dorm Décor DIYs with Tanner Bell


As you are checking off that supply list this month, remember that Great Plains Communications has some exciting Back-to-School promotions going on. To find out what is available in your area, call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483 and a representative would be happy to assist you.

Back to School Throwback

The Internet has not only become an essential tool at home and work, but in schools as well. Great Plains Communications has some exciting Back-to-School promotions, but first we would like to throw it back to what college was like before Wi-Fi, online classes and having the web at our finger tips.


There was no such thing as online registration. You had a slip of paper with your desired classes and stood in line at the registrar’s office. While waiting in that line, you could think about the line you had to wait in later when getting your books.


Before tablets and laptops, taking notes meant throwing penmanship out the door and writing as fast as you could. You got a hand cramp? That was just part of it; no pain, no gain.



Do you have a question on an assignment? Professors didn’t send out weekly emails or assign online chats. You either tried to catch them in the classroom or signed up for office hours.


When a computer was needed for an assignment, there were no personal laptops to work in your dorm or wherever was comfortable. There was a sign-up list for the computer lab to write papers and use the printer.



Before eBooks and online searching, looking up a book in the library took time and patience with the Dewey Decimal System and many, many card catalogs.


It is fun to think back to how things used to be, but kids today are growing up in a very different world. Internet is not a luxury in college anymore, it is a necessity. From checking grades to having a class only offered online, Great Plains Communications understands the need for fast and reliable Internet service. Monday, August 10, Great Plains Communications starts Back-to-School promotions on high-speed Internet that you won’t want to miss. To find out what is being offered in your community, call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483 and a representative would be happy to assist you.

Don’t Let Your Child Fall Behind! Get High-Speed Internet, Today!

As school gets back in session, it’s important to make sure that your student is completely prepared to ace this school year.  One of the most important ways to prepare your student is by making sure they have access to High-Speed Internet.

High-Speed Internet has become a major component of the learning process.  According to the Pew Research Center, nearly all research is now done online, which is not surprising given that most libraries and universities now provide access to scholarly work on the web. Sites such as Google Scholar make it easy to access thousands of academic sources with the power of Google’s sophisticated search function so students waste less time trying to find information and more time learning.

You might be surprised to find out just how many tutorials exist on YouTube that can help your student thrive. In fact, according to Ecudemic, more than 80 percent of students use social networks like YouTube to study.  Search Calculus, History, Biology, and even English and you will find a wealth of helpful videos.  These search results even provide breakdowns of most books that are popular among students!  Fortunately, our High-Speed Internet means you can seamlessly stream videos for every subject!

In addition to letting students access materials, High-Speed Internet can actually open up a whole new world for students during the school day.  In many of our towns, students now have the chance to take classes even if they aren’t offered at their school.  Thanks to tele-distance learning, students can participate in classes across the state using video conferencing equipment.  Teachers can also take advantage of virtual tours of major sites around the world such as museums and historical landmarks.  None of this is possible without stable, fast Internet speeds.  We are proud to say that we have helped many schools develop the necessary technology to bring new offerings to rural education.

If you want to find out even more, we recently covered some of the best apps and websites available to help your student get to the head of the class.  Check them out here.

To find out about speeds in your area, contact our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483.

Four Sites & Apps that Will Make The School Year A Breeze

Chegg Study: This site is a dream for high school and college students, alike.  It features an online community that has crowdsourced study materials, textbook guides, and general answers.  You can also post a question to the group and let the answer come to you.  You can even get huge discounts on your texbooks!

Ipl2: Finding the right sources for a paper can be difficult.  Fortunately, this site has the right sources to help you finish your paper with citations any teacher will approve of.  Honorary mention goes to Google Scholar if you find yourself stuck!

Class Buddy: This is a mobile app that can help students keep track of their schedule.  You can even track your own grades to keep a record of how well you are doing in each class. This is a great tool for parents and students alike because it allows you to know where your students is academically with each assignment.  For college kids, you can even log class attendance and know what you’ve missed (even thought you go to every class, right?). This website has resources for both students and teachers.  Shmoop features detailed study guides, learning centers for all major subjects, flashcards and even video prep!  You can also find prep materials for standardized tests including the ACT, PSAT, and Advanced Placement.

What is your favorite study aid?  Let us know in the comments section below!


Be First in your Class with High-Speed Internet!

It’s almost time to head back to the classroom and we are excited to bring you something great to help you ace your year!

We’re offering faster than ever Internet speeds to help you make the grade and be your academic best.  When you have faster Internet speeds, you can collaborate seamlessly with other students on group projects using video services such as Skype and Google Hangouts, create interactive presentations with video and heavy graphics with less worry, and pull up videos on YouTube without wasting time on buffering. Your Internet will move as fast as your school life!

Of course, faster Internet has you covered outside of class as well. Enjoy Internet speeds that let you stream video services like Netflix, connect your Smartphone to your wireless Internet connection, and upload photos and download apps in seconds. You can even send files to students and teachers in less time!

To make it even better, we have a great deal just for you.  If you sign-up before September 30th, we will give you FREE Installation for new services, plus you get Two Months of FREE Internet Service!

Call 1-855-853-1483 or visit today!

The Best Online Tools for Back-to-School

Cool Internet Tech Making College Easier –

If you’re a college student, or the parent of a college student, you know that college can be an expensive, time-consuming, and mentally challenging time in life.  Fortunately, a handful of new tech tools are around to make the experience easier than ever.

  1. Renting Textbooks – Amazon, otherwise known as the largest online retailer in the world, now allows students to rent digital copies of their textbooks!  For a fraction of the actual purchase price, students can rent a textbook for the semester. Renting also means never worrying about buyback values or lugging a textbook around for life because it just seemed wrong to throw a $200 book away.
  2. Online Notes – If you haven’t yet checked out Evernote, it’s time.  Evernote allows you to pair the notes you take in class with sites that can help with research and even finds videos you may want to embed into class presentations.  It’s a great organizational tool for the classroom and you never have to worry about losing your notes. Did we mention it’s free to $5/month?
  3. Study Cheat-Sheet (that’s not cheating) – Need to learn how to write a chemistry report even though you’re an art major? has you covered.  With dozens of resources for how to write for any subject and study for any test, this site is geared towards helping you make the grade.


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