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FCC’s Brendan Carr visits the Midwest – Broadband and Smart Ag

Great Plains Communications was honored to join Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Brendan Carr as he visited Fremont and the North Bend area yesterday as part of his Great Plains Tour. Visiting Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota, Carr has traveled from Washington DC to view and discuss the need for broadband throughout rural America. “The trip will focus on rural broadband deployment, including the opportunities it creates in small agriculture, telehealth, job creation and workforce development,” the FCC stated in a media advisory.

Roxie Kracl, Owner of LA Fire Proof Door Co. in Fremont, NE

Roxie Kracl, Owner of LA Fire Proof Door Co. in Fremont, NE

Closing out the Nebraska leg of his trip, Great Plains Communications joined Carr in visiting with Mayor Scott Getzshman of Fremont, NE while also making stops at the Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce and L.A. Fire Proof Door Co. to discuss broadband throughout the city and the effect it has had on the local economy.

After Fremont, we headed to Ruzicka Farms, a 115-year old family-owned North Bend, Nebraska business with Carr to look at how broadband deployment has allowed them to implement Smart Ag applications into their business. Elements of Smart Ag include on-field sensing technologies, data tracking, smart irrigation, tractor hardware and software, drone data capture, and various mobile applications which help decrease labor time and costs while increasing farm yield and profits.


We would like to thank Ruzicka Farms and our Fremont customers and business partners who met with FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr to discuss the benefits of broadband: Scott Getzschman, Fremont Mayor; Tara Lea, Executive Director, Fremont Chamber of Commerce; and Roxie Kracl, Owner, LA Fire Proof Door Co.

Paying for College? We Can Help.

According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, the cost of attending a public university increased by 72% over the last decade. While it’s common now to use a mix of grants and loans to pay for college, scholarships are a great way to help fund for your education.

In addition to the financial benefit of scholarships, it’s money you never have to worry about paying back, there are also intangible benefits.  Earning scholarships looks good on a college application and can be a great way to help set you apart from other applicants.  Since many scholarships are performance based, they can also be a powerful motivator to maintain good grades, which can be beneficial when applying for jobs and internships later in your college career.

Scholarships are awarded based on a wide range of reasons, including being a twin or being exceptionally tall.  At Great Plains Communications, most of our scholarships encourage students to stay committed to our communities or have an interest in telecommunications or agricultural fields.  Since we understand how popular and convenient online classes are, we also have scholarships just for distance learners.

In 2011, Great Plains Communications is offering up to $21,500 in scholarships through as many as 15 awards for a variety of learning styles including:

  • On-line/Distance learning
  • Technical institutes
  • Four year universities
  • And more

All scholarship applications are due March 1st, 2011 and full requirements for each scholarship can be found on our scholarship page.  If you have any questions about our scholarship you can contact Brenda Jenny at or by phone at 1.800.642.9330, ext. 6582.  You can always drop us a comment too!