Oct 30

Keep Safe This Halloween!

Halloween is right around the corner and we’re here to help keep kids safe! We’ve collected some great safety tips to protect your little ones.

  • Make sure that all costumes have bright colors or reflective tape.  Worried that reflective tape will ruin the look of your little goblin?  Add it to their candy bag instead!
  • Double check their mask before leaving the house.  Masks can shift and block a trick-or-treater’s peripheral vision.  Make sure that any mask is secure enough to not move and also instruct kids to fully turn their heads when crossing streets.
  • Keep a few flashlights with you in case lighting on some streets isn’t very bright.  A flashlight beam also works to alert cars that you are nearby.
  • Make sure that your trick-or-treater’s are always within site.  Halloween is an exciting night, but make sure kids don’t run too far ahead and that you have a clear view of every door they knock on.
  • For even more tips, check out this our Halloween safety tips video, here!
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