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Newest 2017 Survey Winners!

Help us in congratulating our newest quarterly survey winners, Lorna Eliason of Chadron, NE, Dottie Babcock of Creighton, NE, and Melvin Ludlam of Red Cloud, NE!

Lorna Eliason of Chadron, NE receives her $100 Visa gift card from Great Plains Communications Broadband Technician, Jason Collins.

Lorna Eliason of Chadron, NE receives her $100 Visa gift card from Great Plains Communications Broadband Technician, Jason Collins.

The survey provides feedback on how customers feel about Great Plains Communications products and services. This information is helpful to track how technology is advancing the communities we serve and provides information to help strengthen our business as a whole.

Dottie Babcock of Creighton, NE receives her $100 Visa gift card from Great Plains Communications Broadband Technician, Andy Jueden.

We are always eager to get better insights from our customers and we know having as many responses as possible helps with this goal. We also understand that our survey takes time, so we created a coinciding drawing to thank our participating customers. As you can see in the pictures, our winners, Lorna, Dottie, and Melvin received $100 gift cards.

Melvin Ludlam of Red Cloud, NE receives his $100 Visa gift card from Great Plains Communications Broadband Technician, Travis Madron.

We always want to hear unbiased feedback, so it doesn’t matter how someone rates us, it just matters that they complete the survey. So be on the lookout for your chance to win a great prize!

Solar Eclipse Safety Tips from NASA

The total solar eclipse is less than a week away. By this time, people have picked out their camping spots and are quickly making sure they have enough solar glasses to go around. Great Plains Communications is excited that we in Nebraska will have a prime view, but also want to caution viewers about some solar eclipse safety reminders.

While it is common sense not to stare at the sun on a normal day, this is the same advice given for a partially eclipsed sun. However, with the special protection of the solar filters in something like solar glasses or solar binoculars, you and your loved ones can safely view the sun. Be sure to keep your glasses on throughout the entire eclipse transition, as even just a sliver of the sun can damage vision to a naked eye.

Want to make sure your glasses meet NASA’s safety criteria? Below we have listed the checklist provided on NASA’s website.

  • Have certified information with a designated ISO 12312-2 international standard
  • Have the manufacturer’s name and address printed somewhere on the product
  • Should NOT be used if they are older than three years, or have scratched or wrinkled lenses
  • Do NOT use homemade filters
  • Ordinary sunglasses – even very dark ones – should NOT be used as a replacement for eclipse viewing glasses or handheld solar viewers

While this is a very exciting event, we hope everyone stays safe and enjoys this rare and beautiful natural phenomenon.

Check Out Our Website Redesign!

We are excited to announce the redesigned Great Plains Communications website has launched!

When we began the project, we had some specific goals in mind:

  • Effectively define and brand our company as a forward thinking solutions provider with a high performing network and high performing people
  • Provide valuable customer education resources
  • Create a site that is user friendly and visually engaging
  • Effectively define the areas of our business
    • Residential
    • Business/Enterprise
    • Wholesale

The new site is designed to help us achieve these goals effectively, and we are excited to finally have it live. We encourage you to browse the site and take note some of the interactive tools including the “What speed do you need?” tool and the Bundle tool designed to help residential customers customize services to their specific needs.


Speed Tool

Click the Image to Try


Bundle Tool

Click the Image to Try


If you have any questions about the design or where to find specific things on our website, please call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483 and a representative would be happy to help.

New Auto-Pay Winners!

Great Plains Communications would like to congratulate Al and Barbara Shannon of Plainview, NE on being our latest Auto-Pay winners! By taking advantage of our Auto-Pay & Paperless Billing, they have won a $200 Visa Gift card.

To be entered in the contest, simply sign up for Great Plains Communications’ Auto-Pay or Paperless Billing Services. If you are already taking advantage of these opportunities, then you are already entered to win! A new winner is selected each month to receive $100 per service, for a potential reward of up to $200 in Visa Gift Cards.



Take the stress out of bill paying by signing up for Auto-Pay. Your payment will automatically be made from your account, saving you checks and eliminating late fees. You can also have your bill automatically charged to your credit card.

Paperless Billing

Paperless Billing eliminates the hassle of waiting around for your bill to come. You won’t receive a paper bill in the mail, but will get set-up in our convenient and user-friendly eBill system. This system allows you to track your long-distance minutes, see your billing history, and pay your bill online if you don’t use our Auto-Pay service.


Take a minute if you aren’t already signed up, and fill out the form on our website or call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483. Again, we want to congratulate Al and Barbara Shannon, our new Auto-Pay & Paperless Billing winners, and we hope to see your name next month!

Staying Secure with Tech Home

Living in a world of technology has made it easy for us to stay connected. We have friends, businesses and online information all at our fingertips. Our lives have become a constant stream of emails and news feeds connected between multiple devices. Great Plains Communications wants to make sure you understand just where those connections are going and make sure they are all protected with our Tech Home service.

The program provides world-class security for all your devices, home and on the go, with web security and antivirus systems. Gone away is the worry of lost files when your device crashes or gets damaged. With Tech Home you will be able to sync and back up all your files, photos, contacts and additional important information. No matter where you are, or which Wi-Fi you connect to, Tech Home will have you covered with a cloud-based protection keeping your personal information secure and convenient.

With round-the-clock technicians, you will always be provided with help to setup, test, fix and enjoy your network. Up to four computers, laptops, phones or tablets are covered through Tech Home, with the low price of just $2.99 for an additional mobile device and $4.99 for an additional laptop.

With Tech Home, you’ll have the support you are looking for and the protection you need. For more information on the new product, call 1-855-853-1483 or visit our website at

5 Fun Facts about St. Patrick’s Day

No matter if you are 100% Irish, 10% Irish, or just enjoy the land of Saints and Scholars, St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday enriched with history and culture. Great Plains Communications wants to highlight five fun facts about St. Patrick’s Day and the origin of the holiday.

  1. St. Patrick, in which the holiday was named after, was not even Irish. He was in fact born in Britain around A.D. 390. At a young age, Patrick showed no desire for Christianity or religion. It wasn’t until he was kidnapped and forced to tend sheep as a slave in the countryside of Ireland, that his strong Christian beliefs took root.
  2. The myth of St. Patrick driving away all the snakes of Ireland is just that, a myth. According to National Geographic, the myth is said to have developed through a metaphor representing Patrick ridding the country of its “old, evil, pagan ways”. There were in fact no snakes to begin with, due to the frigid cold of the island.
  3. The parties and green overload started in America, not Ireland. What started as a small religious holiday in the 18th and 19th century in Ireland, took on a whole transformation with the migration of Irish immigrants to America. They showed their pride and celebrated their home country on March 17. The popularity of the holiday didn’t find its way to non-Irish Americans until well into the 20th Century.
  4. The three-leaf shamrock is more than a decal. It is said that the three-leaf clover, or shamrock, originated when St. Patrick used it in explaining the Christian Holy Trinity. However, there is no evidence to support this legend and others believe it was due to their annual spring budding.
  5. Corned beef and cabbage is more of an American dish than Irish. When many think of St. Patrick’s Day, the traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage comes to mind. However, beef was not often used in Gaelic Ireland, but more often pig was in its place. The true Irish dish still today is made up of either lamb or bacon with cabbage. 

Make a Lasting Impression by Buying Nebraska

Nearly every retailer on the planet is shouting from the mountaintops about their upcoming Black Friday deals.  However, if you are looking to give a gift that is a little more unique, we have found some great ideas.  You may or may not be aware of the many Nebraska businesses that are ripe with gifts perfect for the holidays.  What’s even better, is that you can order online and get your Christmas shopping done while sipping cocoa in your Husker sweats!

Jensen-Photography: With Abby Jensen’s art hanging on the walls of our corporate headquarters, we may be a bit biased, but the work of this Nebraska artist is sure to delight anyone on your list.  Her landscapes range from the open plains of our own state to the grape fields of Peru and the vastness of the African Sahara.  Prints are personally signed by the artist and are professionally framed before arrival. All you have to do is select your favorite and the rest is taken care of for you!  You can view her full gallery online and select sizing and frame options right from the site.

As with most artists, preparing a piece takes some time, so we encourage you to take a look soon to ensure that your gifts are wrapped and under the tree in time to make your Yuletide truly memorable. For anyone who believes in supporting Nebraska’s network of small businesses, this site is a must. Grow Nebraska is an organization that helps Cornhusker entrepreneurs learn to excel.  From retailing to marketing to accounting, Grow Nebraska provides the skills needed to support the hundreds of Nebraska small businesses. The site includes many gift favorites including jewelry, bath products, spices, candles, and more.

Bakers Candies: Looking to satisfy a sweet tooth? Bakers’ colorful confections are a perfect fit.  From uber-festive boxes, to Husker-themed offerings, and free shipping (with conditions), it’s a great site to get gifts for your favorite teacher, boss, or chocoholic.

Do you have a favorite Nebraska-based business for gifts?  Let us know in the comments section below.


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