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Record Your Favorite Shows!

With all of the new mid-season shows debuting, we thought it’s the perfect time to remind you about our Frequently-Asked-Question video tutorials. The one above will walk you through how to record all of the new (and current) TV shows you want.  For more videos, click, here.

Sutherland Joins our List of HD Cable Communities!

We’re happy to announce that Sutherland has joined the several Great Plains Communications’ communities who enjoy the crystal-clear picture of High-Definition Cable Services.

Residents will be able to watch favorites like HGTV, ESPN and the Disney Channel in beautiful HD. Local channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX affiliates as well as premium channels will also be available in HD.  Though the best feature may be DVR (digital video recording) service that allows users to pause, rewind and record live TV!

To order digital cable, call our Customer Service Center at 1-888-343-8014. As a way to say “hi” to our Sutherland customers who can now enjoy HD, we’ve included our “How to Find HD Channels” video tutorial.  It makes finding all of the local HD channels a snap!


Save Time, Save Money – eBill

There are a lot of companies out there who want to take your money for …….well, for taking your money.  These “third-party” payment systems as they are called, charge you a fee to pay your bills online from their site.  Since it’s easy to set up a website and create a few payment links, these companies range from reputable (but unnecessary) to total shams.

What’s worse, these companies often act as though they are in some way affiliated with the companies that you choose to do business with.  However, not only are they often not endorsed by the companies they claim to represent but may also charge egregious processing fees.

Here at Great Plains Communications; we don’t endorse any third-party providers, especially those who want you to pay more just to pay your bill.  That’s why we offer eBill, our free and secure, online payment system that puts you in control of your account.

  • Pay your bill online without fees – Our eBill system lets you pay your bill online either as a one-time charge or as a recurring payment.
  • That’s right, set-it and forget-it – You can set your account payments to come from your bank account automatically every month, so you never have to worry about late fees or missed payments.
  • Know what you’ve paid – All of your past account statements are a click away so that you can view your payment history and minute usage.
  • No more unexpected overage fees – Find out exactly how many minutes you have left on your long-distance plan and never end up with unexpected overages again.

It’s even easy to sign-up.  You’ll simply need your Great Plains Communications’ account number, email address and phone number.

For more information, please contact our Customer Response Center at 1-888-343-8014.


Finding Your Favorite Programs Using the i-Guide

Find the program you want to watch in seconds with Great Plains Communications’ “Search for Programming” tutorial. Check out the entire series here or on our YouTube channel GreatPlainsComm.

Using Multiple Devices With Your Remote

Using your remote with multiple devices doesn’t have to be hard. The Great Plains Communications’ “Switching Devices on Your Remote” tutorial shows you how, with the push of a button, you can use one remote for many of your entertainment devices. Check out the entire series here or at our YouTube channel GreatPlainsComm.

Searching for High-Definition (HD) Channels

As we continue to expand HD coverage in our communities across the state, we want to make sure our customers know what HD channels are available in their area.

Our “Searching for HD Channels” tutorial shows you how you can find out your HD channels right from your cable box.  Make sure you’re not missing out on your favorite channels being offered in crystal-clear HD!

For answers to more frequently asked questions, check out our other videos

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