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Finding Your Favorite Programs Using the i-Guide

Find the program you want to watch in seconds with Great Plains Communications’ “Search for Programming” tutorial. Check out the entire series here or on our YouTube channel GreatPlainsComm.

Using Multiple Devices With Your Remote

Using your remote with multiple devices doesn’t have to be hard. The Great Plains Communications’ “Switching Devices on Your Remote” tutorial shows you how, with the push of a button, you can use one remote for many of your entertainment devices. Check out the entire series here or at our YouTube channel¬†GreatPlainsComm.

Searching for High-Definition (HD) Channels

As we continue to expand HD coverage in our communities across the state, we want to make sure our customers know what HD channels are available in their area.

Our “Searching for HD Channels” tutorial shows you how you can find out your HD channels right from your cable box. ¬†Make sure you’re not missing out on your favorite channels being offered in crystal-clear HD!

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