From your hometown to your television, and now to your computer; we are proud to announce our re-launch of the GPC-TV website! We are dedicated to keeping you connected with your community and our website is one more way to do just that. GPC-TV provides local high school sports, weather updates, the Husker Coaches Show, and more.

Watch your team’s big win all over again! GPC-TV is now airing high school sports action from across the state. No matter if the game is home or away, we will air it. Check out the schedule here to find out when your team is playing.

Keep updated on your local weather forecast! Heading into the colder months, Nebraska weather is sure to throw us a few surprises. We have you covered, with our Weather on Channel 2 providing around-the-clock coverage and up-to-date radar.

Be in-the-know on all Big Red news! Grab that mug of cocoa and cozy up on the couch, because GPC-TV is bringing you the Husker Coaches Show. Catch replays and get all the insight on your favorite Big Red teams straight from the coaches themselves.

Sports, weather, and you…GPC-TV is our way of bringing what you know and love about your community to your home. Now with a fresh new look, our GPC-TV website will help you find what you desire, with ease. To enhance your enjoyment even further, we need your help. What fun events are happening in your community? Let us know in the comments section below. We want to air what you want to watch.

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