Jul 30

We Wish Tim Armstrong a Relaxing Retirement


After 44 years, 7 positions and 4 communities, we are wishing Tim Armstrong well on his retirement from Great Plains Communications (GPC). Meeting people from when he was a local manager, to when he was the head of Economic Development and Community Relations, Tim has made connections wherever he’s gone and proved to be a true asset to the company. As District Manager, Kevin Poppe put it, “Tim’s special involvement with Economic Development and maintaining statewide contacts paved the way for GPC to expand their network and services in new markets.“

Tim is a motivator, people person, hard worker, morning person, father, grandfather and much more. Not only has he been a great employee to work with, but many call him a great friend. “Tim has always been very passionate about customers and rural communities across Nebraska and started many economic development groups. Tim has given 44 years of service to GPC and during this time I have not only gotten to know him as a co-worker but also a friend,” stated Sr. Director of Operations, Engineering, Gregg Ptacnik. “One of his favorite lines was ‘let’s just get her done’, normally at a pace which nobody else could keep up with. He is very involved with his three children and nine grandchildren. I wish him the very best in retirement because he deserves it!”

Great Plains Communications would like to say, “Thank you” to Tim for his dedication and loyalty, as well as the hard work he has put into so many aspects of what makes this company successful. We want to wish him well in his future plans and will have to find another way to “just get her done” as he enjoys the much deserved relaxation of retirement.

Jul 28

Take a Stand Against Cyberbullying

7th grade bullying project – Words Hurt, Holliston Middle School, Robert H. Adams Middle School

These girls are real seventh grade students who have seen and experienced the painful effects of cyber bullying. It is not something that can be categorized as only a problem in big cities or in specific schools or communities. Cyber bullying is everywhere and it is real. According to No Bullying Cyber Bullying 2014 Statistics, “25% of teenagers reported having experienced repeated bullying via their cell phone or online; 52% of young people reported being cyber bullied; 95% of teenagers who witnessed bullying on social media reported that others, like them, ignored the behavior.” These statistics are frightening and need to be changed, so Great Plains Communications asks you to stand up with us in the fight against cyber bullying. Stand up with us in the fight to keep our children and communities safe.

Below we have listed a few things stopbullying.gov has suggested to keep in mind to help in the fight against cyber bullying:

  • Be Aware of What Your Kids are Doing Online
    • Just like a physical place, ask your kids where they are going online and who they are going on there with.
    • Install parental control filtering software or monitoring programs, but do not rely solely on these tools.
    • Encourage your kids to tell you immediately if they, or someone they know is being cyberbullied.
  • Establish Rules about Technology Use
    • Talk with your children about which sites are permitted when they are online and which ones are not. Show them how to be safe online.
    • Help them understand what is smart to share online and what isn’t, and explain how words can be hurtful.
    • Explain to them that once something is posted, it is out of their hands who sees or shares it even if they try to take it down.
  • Understand School Rules
    • Most schools have developed policies on uses of technology that could affect the child’s online behavior in and out of the classroom. Ask the school about their policies.

Children today are growing up in a different world than their parents. Their pain could be stemming from much more than a scraped knee from falling off their bike. It is time we took a stand and started asking the right questions to bring those statistics down.

If you have questions about your Internet service with Great Plains Communications, call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483 and a representative will be happy to assist you.

Jul 23

Custer County Bull Riding Classic 2015

Timmy Vaughn riding at the Custer County Bull Riding Classic 2014

Timmy Vaughn riding at the Custer County Bull Riding Classic 2014

The Custer County Bull Riding Classic is a thrilling event for the whole family to enjoy. This Monday, July 27 marks the seventeenth year for the event held at the Custer County Fairgrounds in Broken Bow, NE. Great Plains Communications is excited for the chance to once again be a part of such a great community event, sponsoring the rodeo clown Justin Rumford. Below we have listed the activities you can expect to see this year:

  • Over $7,000 in cash and prizes awarded
  • Trick ropers
  • Intense bull riding with Cody Webster (NFR & PBR Finals Bullfighter) and Rowdy Moon (Bullfighter of the year)
  • An exciting Short Round of the top 10 finalists
  • Justin Rumford as the rodeo clown
  • Hadley Barrett as the announcer

So, if you are looking for a way to get the family out of the house Monday night and are in the area, come down to the Custer County Fairgrounds at 7:30 P.M. and watch all the Custer County Bull Riding Classic has to offer. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, Great Plains Communications will be recording the event and will air it on GPC-TV and post the video on our YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Jul 21

2015 GPC Summer Selfie Contest

Great Plains Communications is proud to announce we have arrived on Instagram! To help kick off our new social site, we want to share our excitement with you through our 2015 #GPCSummerSelfie Contest. Do you selfie with your dog? A cup of coffee? Or do you selfie with friends out for girls’ night? The Internet has been submerged in the ways of the selfie, and we want you to take that selfie and turn it summer for a chance to win $250 and a selfie stick from Great Plains Communications. Show us how you summer, if that means through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it doesn’t matter as long as you tag us with our social tags listed below and don’t forget to include #GPCSummerSelfie in your caption.

Facebook: Great Plains Communications                         Twitter: GPC_Updates

Instagram: GreatPlains_Comm

Another way we are sharing our excitement is at the Red Willow County Fair in McCook, starting tomorrow July 22 through Sunday, July 26. We will be there ready to share information about our lowest prices on our fastest speeds coming to the area in August, accompanied by classic games like Plinko. You can even have a chance to win an HD TV at our booth.

So, no matter if you decide to take a shot at our Plinko board or show us how you summer through a #GPCSummerSelfie, just don’t forget to take part in the fun we have going this summer and a chance to win some big prizes.

Jul 16

Fun Summer Activities for Kids

We are officially in the Dog Days of summer, which means high temperatures and lack of ideas in keeping the kids busy. Though Great Plains Communications is a strong supporter and provider of telecommunications services, we believe it is important for children to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. We have come together with a few of our cable networks to provide some fun activities to keep in mind throughout these hot summer days.


Disney Channel – Throw a Disney Princess Party

Your little girl have a birthday this summer? Throw a Disney princess party with cupcakes and handmade decorations. Letting the kids create the decorations gives them satisfaction in seeing it all come together and a fun goodie to take home.

HGTV – Tie-Dye Bed Sheets

This is a great way to get the kids outside but it doesn’t take too long, in case the temperatures start to rise. Grab some white bed sheets and some dye and you have a fun and colorful activity.

Food Network – Get in the Kitchen

Some days it is just too hot to go outside. No problem, stay cool and get them cooking. There are a lot of things kids can do in the kitchen and they love to help out, especially if it means getting their hands a little dirty.

Jul 14

Remote Control Tutorials

According to Logitech, over a third of U.S. living rooms have four or more remote controls. That means not only must we remember which remote works with which device, but also how to use all functions of each specific one. That can get confusing, not to mention frustrating. If you are a Great Plains Communications cable customer, stress no more knowing we have tutorials ready for you online with just a click of the button. Below I have listed a few that we offer, with the entire list on our YouTube channel.

Programming Your Remote – Three Digit Code Option

Search for Show by Title

Recording a Program

If you are not currently taking advantage of Great Plains Communications’ cable services and are interested in finding out more information or signing up, call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483 and a representative would be happy to assist you.

Jul 09

PCI Compliance and You

Padlock and credit cards on top of laptop

You may have heard the term PCI Compliance being thrown around on the news, at the grocery store or in the media. That’s because companies everywhere are taking the next step to become PCI Compliant to help prevent ongoing threats to financial security.

What is PCI?

PCI or PCI DSS to be exact, stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This is basically a list of requirements that are designed to ensure all credit card information maintains in a secure environment when being processed, stored or transmitted by an organization. No matter the size of company or how large their transactions may be, PCI applies to ALL that accept credit card information in person, online or over the phone.

What This Means for You:

Ultimately it means your credit card information will be even safer. However, it also means that gone away is the time when you can call to pay your bill with a “card on file” as there will no longer be company access to store any credit card information. While you may still pay over the phone through a PCI compliant automated portal, eBill and Auto-Pay are other easy options to keep in mind. When signing up for Auto-Pay, the amount of your monthly bill will automatically be deducted from your account on the billing due date without any stress of calling in with a credit card number or writing checks.

If you would like more information on Great Plains Communications’ Auto-Pay program, check out our website or call 1-855-853-1483 and a representative will be happy to assist you.

Jul 07

2015 Summer Series Premieres

Some days the summer heat seems just too hot and sitting on your couch with a Popsicle and a good show sounds too good to pass up. Here are some of Great Plains Communications’ favorite programs that have recently premiered. Beware of laughter, love triangles and sharks.

Shark Week: Discovery, July 5-12

Chasing Life: ABC Family, July 6

Hollywood Game Night: NBC, July 7, 2015

Let us know what you are watching this summer!

Jul 02

Fourth of July Recipes by Food Network

Fourth of July is like the Thanksgiving of summer. You celebrate with family and friends and a belly full of good food. Great Plains Communications has teamed up with one of our cable channels, the Food Network to bring you a few recipes to add to the menu this weekend. From patriotic desserts to side dishes that are guaranteed hits, check out additional recipes on Food Network’s website.


Wave Your Flag Cheesecake

Grilled Citrus Chicken Thighs

Gina’s Orzo Salad

Great Plains Communications will be closed Saturday, July 4 in recognition of the holiday. We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Fourth of July weekend!

Jun 30

Fourth of July Safety Tips

Sparklers with American Flag

Soon picnic baskets and coolers will be overflowing, colorful smoke bombs will be used as bug repellent and family gatherings will be color-coded with the red, white and blue. Fourth of July weekend is a time to celebrate the United States of America with family and friends through good food, fireworks and sunshine. While there is much fun to be had, the holiday weekend comes with some risk of harm and Great Plains Communications has a few tips to keep in mind so that everyone can enjoy a happy and safe time.

  1. Keep Child Use of Fireworks Supervised at All Times

Fireworks come in all shapes, sizes, and power levels. They also come with different degrees of injury potential. This is why adult fireworks are not safe when handled by children. One way to help supervise the situation is to keep child appropriate fireworks in a separate place from any that could cause them harm, and always have a supervising adult present when any kind of fireworks are nearby.

  1. Use Alcohol Responsibly

Alcohol is often a factor in many Fourth of July festivities, and can be a dangerous combination with fireworks. Use cautiously and be sure to have a designated driver to bring partygoers home after the event ends.

  1. Be Cautious of Food and Beverages Being Left Outdoors

Leaving food and some beverages in summer outdoor temperatures can cause food-borne illness. According to the U.S. FDA, you should never leave food out for more than one hour when temperatures reach above 90 F and no more than two hours for lower summer temperatures. Not only dairy and eggs can cause food poisoning, but any food has the potential to become contaminated.

With these tips in mind, Great Plains Communications would like to wish everyone a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!


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